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07/05/10 04:31 PM #1    

Mary Catherine (Ceci) McCormick (Noble)

Welcome to the Chickasha High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/01/11 12:55 PM #2    

Dan McDougal

Thanks Pat, really looking forward to seeing everyone.


05/24/11 09:54 AM #3    

Roberta Smith Hogner

I had a wonderful time this past weekend.  It was so much fun seeing and visiting with classmates after 40 long years!  Many thanks to the reunion committee for all their hard work.  You all did an amazing job.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

02/12/12 05:40 PM #4    

Dale DeKinder

Jim and class,
Thanks Jim for the update regarding Phil. On one of my trips to Chix I heard about Phil entering Sterling House and visited Phil within the first few days of his staying there. He recognized me as soon as I walked in the room. During our discussion he was lucid and skipped a little on topics. Although we were in 1st grade on and in Church alot together, being apart after HS graduation takes a toll on topics to discuss. He appeared to tire quickly.
Pardon to all about not spreading the word sooner but I was unsure how widely his family wanted Phil's situation advertised.
We pray for his good being and comfort.
Sincerely, Dale

07/28/21 02:44 PM #5    

Sharla Robinson (McAfee)

Classmates!  Here is the itinerary we have right now for our 50th CHS Class Reunion (hard to believe, isn't it?!?) on October 1 and 2, 2021.

Gather at the homecoming football game Friday evening around 7:00 p.m. to enjoy the game and activities.  We will have a section reserved for our class to sit together.

After the game, anyone who wants to meet and greet, we can congregate at Canadian River Brewery located at 121 W. Chickasha Ave.  It is a spacious area for group gatherings and they serve craft beers(only), wine, homemade root beer and limeades and lemonades, soft drinks and have a handfull of appetizers available.

On Saturday, join in for a bring your own food/drinks picnic at Shannon Springs Park around noon time.  We will be at the NE corner of the park, by the dam.  There will be an annual food truck competition going on in downtown Chickasha that day so there will lots of to-go food options as well as all the familiar restaurants and eateries around town.  Also going on in the downtown area will be the Rock Island Depot Arts Festival (Friday through Sunday) for a bit of local culture to be enjoyed.

Saturday evening there will be a gathering at Chickasha Golf Club located at 2900 S 16th - be sure and enter the Club property from the entrance in 16th Street.  We will have the entire facility for our event and will be serving hot appetizers and sweet treats.  A cash bar will be set up, as well.  There will be a DJ for our listening/singing/dancing(?) pleasure - or maybe just pure entertainment!  We also plan to take a group picture of all of us together for historical reference - HA!!

We are making every effort to keep the cost of this event to a minimum, thanks to some generous(and anonymous) benefactors.  At this time, we are looking at a possible cover charge to attend Saturday evening of $10 - $15 per person.  We will also have a donation jar set out in case anyone would like to contribute to the cause.  We encourage everyone to go the and register for this reunion (the left side of home page on the site has a 50 year registration option for this) as soon as possible, but no later than September 8.  We will need to finalize head counts for various things.  If you have any problems, contact Ceci or Sharla - contact info below.

There has been interest from members of other classes to attend our event on Saturday evening - other classes have often extended invitations to our class for their reunions in the past.  If we do go forward with that, they will be charged the same amount as our classmates and we will want to know by September 8 if anyone outside of our class plans to attend.  A seperate notice will go out on FB, and word of mouth - they would need to contact Ceci or Sharla at the contact info below.

That is where we are at this time.  We will keep you in the loop as things finalize - please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas.  SO EXCITED - cannot wait to see all of you!!!

            Sharla Robinson McAfee


Ceci McCormick Noble                 405-550-4901

Sharla Robinson McAfee              918-231-9128                                                                     


10/03/21 12:40 PM #6    

Dale DeKinder

Sharla and Mary Catherine (Cici),   Your efforts pulling the 50th reunion together was awesomely successful.  Name tags to table decorum to special sweet cookies; the celebration was rewarding to all.  For those in attendance, thank you for sharing the evening, for those that passed you were there in spirit and in our hearts.  For those that didn't make it, you missed a wonderful evening!  And OSU beat Baylor!!    Thanks to our class President (Gary) for the evident leg work and helping hand.  It was a treat seeing our Chic Chat Royalty, Gayle Gerlach and John Parish.  It was special having Colonel John Newsome (USAF retired) attend from Alaska.  Btw, our year book has a class mate on page 4 from his sister's Senior year basketball Crowning ceremony, the "Cupid with the Bow" yours truly.  Forgive this note not mentioning each in their own special way; you are all special. 
Looking forward to the 60th!

Colonel Dale DeKinder (USAF retired)




10/04/21 10:44 AM #7    


Rosalind Stephenson (Brown)

I am so very happy I attended our 50 Year Class Reunion!  I was quite disappointed that I was the only person of color there. I am not sure where they all are but I am going to do my best to reach out and make sure they even knew about it.  I really think we should consider doing a Reunion or something every 2 years while we still remember each other.  Thank you and great seeing everybody!! 

10/05/21 06:12 AM #8    

Lynetta Williams (Tollison)

I would like to take a minute to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all the folks responsible for putting together the shindig we attended over the first weekend of October. I really loved seeing and visiting with all the folks who were there...only wish there were a 'few' more in attendance. Hopefully I am still kicking well enough to attend another.

Lynetta Williams-Tollison


10/05/21 09:57 AM #9    

Kathy Quire (Mauldin)

Hello, all!  
 I was planning on attending the milestone reunion before the pandemic took over.  My 94.5 year old father lives with us in Penfield, NY and is frail. II could not take the chance of bringing something back to him.
 It sounds that a good time was had by all.  

Kathy (Quire) Mauldin

10/06/21 01:19 PM #10    

Mike Shelby

Everyone - 

Just a quick post.  Chatting with Gayle (Gerlach) Stewart via the message board, after missing her at the 50th Reunion last weekend.  She mentioned having written a book, 100 Horses in History.  Looked up in Amazon and see below.

Congratulations Gayle.  Well done.  Will order a copy today.     m
100 Horses in History: True Stories of Horses Who Shaped Our World
 Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 8
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11/05/21 06:01 AM #11    

Lynetta Williams (Tollison)

How many of you would consider ordering a reprint of our yearbooks if I can get a better price on them? Please respond to me via 'message on Facebook' or message here. Thank you.


11/05/21 04:42 PM #12    

Sharla Robinson (McAfee)

Lynette - since Mike and I both have all our yearbooks, we would not be needing any more.  I bet some of our classmates might be interested, however. Good luck!!

11/06/21 08:44 AM #13    

Melissa Green

I have mine, too. Melissa

11/08/21 02:17 PM #14    


Rosalind Stephenson (Brown)

I would love to have a yearbook!  Let me know how much!!!


11/09/21 04:36 AM #15    


Mary Bowman Kennedy

I would be interested in a yearbook as well. Please let me know if there is to be a reprint. Thanks! 

11/09/21 07:04 AM #16    

Lynetta Williams (Tollison)

Right now 'classmates' offers them for about $80.00 each. I hope if I can get enough to order them I may get a better price. Warning, they may be signed,snudged, etc.


11/09/21 07:29 AM #17    

Mary Catherine (Ceci) McCormick (Noble)

I have mine. But seems like I might have seen on one of the Chickasha Facebook pages that the high school library has extras. Good luck!!

11/09/21 02:06 PM #18    


Rosalind Stephenson (Brown)

Happy Birthdayy Greg!!!

11/21/21 06:40 AM #19    

Lynetta Williams (Tollison)

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one.


04/14/24 05:58 AM #20    

Lynetta Williams (Tollison)

Okay everyone, June 1, is getting closer. Let's make this the biggest all years CHS Reunion yet. Legends Pubhouse & Venue Chickasha Oklahoma has several different areas in its venue, so individual classes can congregate in their own little area. Please pass on to everyone you know that attended CHS. It starts at 300pm and will end around 1000pm . No charge except what you choose to spend on food and beverages. If anyone wants to join on on music or other talent call Tim at 405-320-0237. If anyone want to tour HIGH SCHOOL AND IMPROVENTS TO Memorial Stadium, text me at 405.320.0237 and I will set it up. Let's make this on the biggest ever. Let's show our Purple Pride and show up.

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